Synagogue 100th Anniversary

Two days of events in Broken Hill on November 28-29, 2010 marked the centenary laying of the synagogue's foundation stone.


BH Historical Society member Margaret Price, who helped organise the event, said: "Never in my wildest dreams did I think this many would come." "I was overwhelmed that it went so quickly right through to overseas."

Ross Mawby and Professor Leon Mann.
Howard Goldenberg and Richard Lew blow the Schofa.

Broken Hill Historical Society president Ross Mawby, reminded the gathering of how hard the society had worked on restoring the former synagogue. "This is a memory of the Jewish people who served Broken Hill." He also said the city was "blessed" by the building's presence.

Due to the weather being unkind the Saturday morning walk through the Jewish section at the Broken Hill Cemetery was postponed to Sunday morning. Descendants visited tombstones of their Jewish grandparents and great-grandparents at the local cemetery. Tours ran half hourly led by Professor Mann and Robyn Dryen, the great-granddaughter of Albert Dryen.

First burial at the Jewish section of the Broken Hill cemetery was in 1892, he was the young son of Rebecca and Isaac Joseph. First headstone in 1895 was of Lewis (Louis) Dias, who was killed in the mine by a runaway cart.

Jewish Synagogue in Broken Hill